I’ve always heard that one can braai walkie talkies.  Then got a chance to witness that in Tembisa while I was visiting a friend.   Unfortunately I did not have a camera with me at that time.

Yesterday I was driving in Joe Slovo township in Milnerton and saw this lady on the street braaing them.  I stopped and bought one so I could taste.  I never imagined braaing walkie talkies since there’s no meat on them.

I was completely surprised at how tasty they were.  With one costing 50c each, I ended up buying them for R5.  Then I had a chat with the lady that sells them, she goes by the name “Sista”.  Besides being a full time mom and wife, braaing and selling walkie talkies is her full time job.  Don’t ask me how she makes a living from selling walkie talkies at 50c each.  According to her they sell like hot cakes.

I asked her how she prepares them it’s quite a simple process.  She spices them up (with just one spice…I assume it’s chicken spice), rub in a little bit of oil which helps prevent the walkie talkies from sticking to the braai rack and gives them a shine.  That’s it!  Her clients are from all the different age groups,  i.e. young kids to adults.  The former buy them the most especially during the school holidays.  Apparently whenever they get hold of a 50c they go straight to buy them.

Have you ever tried braaied walkie talkies? Do you like them?

Sista selling braaied walkie talkies



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  • Zirkie  December 1, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    I have never cooked or ate these? Are they crispy?

    • Thuli  December 2, 2012 at 4:27 am

      You need to try them girlfriend! Get raw ones from your butchery and try the curried chicken feet recipe here on the blog. You’ll love them! They are not crispy 🙂


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