Last year, at the Food and Wine show, I bumped into a friend of mine, Olivia.  She was like “Hey! Go and taste some cocktails at the Sedgwick’s stand!” while waving a pack with a 750ml bottle and two branded shot enamel mugs.  Indeed, I went on to taste a Sedgwick’s and Lemonade cocktail, see featured image.  I loved it!  Ever since then, I make it up every time there’s a get together with a crowd of people.  The cocktail is always a winner!

Recently, I got introduced to a mixture of Sedgwick’s Original Old Brown with Ginger Ale, pictured below.  You simply add a tot to 200ml of ginger ale or lemonade and plenty of ice.  I also add sliced lemons and you are good to go!  The first time I made the cocktail it was for my former colleagues, I’ll be honest, we added more than a tot but it was all good!  One can serve cocktails as a welcome drink at a party, it’s a simple way of getting people to relax and loosen up without hurting your pockets.

A 750ml bottle is available at only R28.


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  • Johann  July 1, 2016 at 4:40 am

    Love my OBs in tall glass with ice and soda water in the sumner.But nothing heat you up like OBs take a sip and a spoon of hot Butternut soup.One sip on spoon.Best in the winter and you sleep

    • Thuli  July 1, 2016 at 5:55 am

      Hi Johann,

      Appreciate your comment. Sounds like you are a man with a plan. Love the idea of alternating OBS with Butternut Soup. Will definitely put it to the test 🙂

      Thuli Xx


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