You know people are really enjoying a drink when they pick up a bottle, read it up then take pictures of it.  That is exactly what happened when I enjoyed Frangelico & Lime cocktails with a group of friends…..


Frangelico is a premium Italian liqueur distilled from locally-grown hazelnuts and blended with coffee, cocoa and vanilla distillate and extracts. According to the legend, its origins date back more than 300 years to the presence of Christian monks living in the hills of Piedmont region of northern Italy. Frangelico’s greatest asset is its irresistible hazelnut taste; it provides a delicious flavourful experience that surprisingly delights all the senses. The moderate alcoholic content and the rich texture make Frangelico perfect consumed neat or over ice; it’s great versatility makes it fit many occasions even combined in various mixes or as a cocktail ingredient, and for sheer sophistication, pour it over ice with a squeeze of lime for an intense and refreshing experience.

Expertly sourced and finely selected, Frangelico’s smooth and light hazelnut liqueur is created using one of nature’s finest ingredients – the hazelnut. From their intense nutty aroma to their perfectly sweet taste and silky essential oils, hazelnuts unlock the surprising power to excite our senses and transport us into a moment of pure delight.

Frangelico’s rich and indulgent taste is authentically Italian, created using the Tonda Gentile variety of hazelnut which is especially grown in the rural and picturesque area of Langhe. Tonda Gentile hazelnuts are known for being bigger, plumper and more uniformed, with a skin that sheds easily making it perfect for toasting without a bitter taste. Their sweet flavour is the reason they are so sought after by internationally known confectionery and worldwide populargianduia chocolate creams – bringing a truly unique quality to Frangelico. Once toasted and distilled with alcohol, these rich hazelnuts are delicately blended with flavouring including intense cocoa and sweet vanilla. It is this perfect combination of quality ingredients that create the unique and intense flavour and aroma so renowned to Frangelico.  Hope you get to try it!


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Frangelico & Lime


A short glass with ice

1 part Frangelico (60ml)

Juice of 2 wedges of fresh lime




  1. Pour Frangelico over ice.
  2. Add the lime and stir.
  3. Garnish with fresh lime slices.

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