Thuli Gogela HR


My name is Thuli, I was born in Alice, a small town in the Eastern Cape Province.   My family moved to Queenstown when I was a teenager.  I then moved to Cape Town back in 2001 looking for employment opportunities.  After working a couple of odd jobs I decided to further my education and studied at Cape Peninsula University of Technology where I obtained a BTech in Consumer Science: Food & Nutrition.  I got a job at a manufacturing company working in Product Development and enjoyed it so much that I spent almost 8 years working on dry premixes: jellies, custards, muffin mixes, cake mixes, mousses etc.  I also spent a great deal of time working on biscuits and rusks.

I started this site back in 2011 to encourage young people to cook and provide them with an online platform to access traditional and indigenous dishes.   Indigenous dishes are not widely documented reason being that the knowledge was passed down from generation to generation by training young women.  Nowadays things have changed, young women move to the city to get education and jobs before they could have that entire food heritage passed down to them by the older generation.  Well, I hope to bridge that gap through this blog.  In addition to that, I urge young people, both women and men, to spend more time with the older generation.  By that I mean our grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts.   Let us embrace them, listen and learn from their experiences.  Knowing where one comes from makes for a grounded individual and there is nothing cooler than that.

What makes me tick?

 I love tasting wine as a result I’ve turned it into a hobby…..other hobbies include travelling, reading, internet, social media, working out (even though my scale tells me I’m not losing weight) and taking pictures…

Food Philosophy

 I love food, cooking more especially baking and trying out different dishes.  Some of my fond food memories while growing up are from the years I spent on a farm called Kwa Joe (Joe’s farm aka Joe Knott Farm) in Alice.  Life on the farm was very simple….we made our own food, grew veggies from the garden, had fresh milk from the cows and baked our own bread….life was good…I just loved its simplicity.  Sitting around the fire (sothe imbawula) listening to the stories from my grand mother……being in the kitchen with my mom watching her make dumplings, my aunt making meaty bones and Imifino…..Now that I’m an adult and living in the city all that food reminds me of the happy and adventurous childhood I had.  My philosophy is that food just like sport can bring people together. Food keeps the spirit of ubuntu going.  For this reason I love cooking with and around friends.  My cooking is influenced by my rural upbringing, city living as well as my exposure to the different cultures and their foods.  I love to cook with mushrooms, spinach, peppers and herbs.

Well that’s me in a nutshell…now go put on your apron and let’s get cooking!

Image Credit: Mickey Hoyle