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After numerous setbacks and several unforeseen circumstances it is with a big sigh of relief to say that Mzansi Style Cuisine has finally come to life.  I have been playing around with the idea for quite some time now, since 2009 to be exact.  I took my time to research on blogging, platforms, website designs, domains, hosting, food photography and the works.  Along the way I’ve received amazing support from my family, friends, senior women in the community and fellow bloggers.

I thank my mom for employing herself as my regional research officer (haha!), for organising senior women in the community to share their recipes and the background for each dish and for taking the time to share some of her own indigenous food knowledge with us.  Nangamso Dlamini!

A special thank you to the design team, thank you for putting all your brilliance and hard work into making this site possible! Last but not least I would like to extend my gratitude to you….yes you my follower…for visiting the site.  I hope you like the dishes we present to you and get to try them out.  Don’t be a stranger. Happy Cooking!

  1. Franci Reply

    WOW!!! :) So very impressed!!!

    • admin Reply

      Thanks Franci, I appreciate all the mental and emotional support…..and the recipes too!Lol!

  2. Dennis Reply

    Well done Thuli….this has been long time coming! You have the wings…there’s plenty air underneath them….FLY!!

    • admin Reply

      Thanks Dennis, I appreciate all the support!

  3. Gaynor Reply

    Hi Thuli,

    Well done!!! I am soooo proud of you. Following this blog forever!

    • admin Reply

      Thanks doll! I know you’ll come back lol, tell your sister to visit the site as well for some foodie inspiration.

  4. Mmampho Reply

    Awesome! This is world class Thuli… so proud of you!!!

    • admin Reply

      Thank you for the comment Mm :-) The idea is to showcase our indigenous and traditional dishes in the best way possible. I also have an amazing team helping me put everything together!

  5. Andisiwe Reply

    Congratulations Thuli!! Beautiful!!

    • admin Reply

      Thank you for visiting Andi, I hope you get inspired!

  6. Xoli Reply

    Wow – this is stunning. Well done and know that i’m your biggest follower and will visit constantly. The recipes will also come in quiet handy.

    Ntinga ntakandini!

    • Thuli Reply

      Thanks Xoli, when you do try out the recipes please come back and let us know what you think!

  7. Louise Reply

    Well done Thuli!!!! This is amazing!

  8. Corah Reply

    Thanks Thuli,

    I have just discovered this wonderful website,and wow I’m so so excited
    I’m not a good cook and I’m keen to learn, and your recipes are so simple and straight forward
    I would love to see salads and cake recipes


    • Thuli Reply

      Thanks for visiting and of course your lovely comment Corah! As time goes we will have salads and cakes as well. Shhhh! my friends call me crazy because I bake for fun!:-) Love it!! So I’ll definitely be sharing some of my baked goodies.

  9. Chantell Reply

    YEAH!!!! Thank you very much, Thuli! I am a receipe collecter and your lamb stew with samp & beans is next on my experiment list. I would also like to see what we call “Zulu Cabbage” :-) it tastes like fried cabbage with curry in it – but i cant ever seem to get it right. With a bit of luck you would know what i am refering to.

    • Thuli Reply

      Hi Chantell, Thank you for your comment and the suggestion :-) Keep your eyes on the blog we’ll get the recipe just for you!

  10. Anchen Reply

    This is absolutely inspiring – well done Thuli! I will actually even try some of the recipes… OK, only the easy ones…!

    • Thuli Reply

      Thanks Anchen! :-) Well, I hope you like the “easy” ones you try out! Lol!

  11. Marieka Reply

    I will try the vetkoek recipe – photograph looks mouthwatering! Well done on a stunning blog.

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